Many people, especially those who live in high population areas, aren’t used to complete darkness, because they live all around city lights. It’s incredibly dangerous to go out at night in the wild without some kind of light source.

You can walk on snakes, cacti, poisonous plants, dangerous insects, step in holes, and encounter tons of other hazards that can incapacitate you. With a solid, powerful flashlight, you can identify threats far away, and even signal for help.

The most important qualities in a flashlight should be reliability, battery life, and lumens, which is a measure of brightness. For walking around and performing basic tasks, a handheld flashlight is a reliable option.

The J5 Tactical V1-Pro is an extremely reliable flashlight that’s compact yet powerful. The J5 is made from an aluminum alloy and is waterproof, making it extremely durable in all weather conditions.

It will easily survive drops and falls, and you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking because of the metal head surrounding the edges of the glass. It only takes one AA battery to work, and lasts many hours off of a single battery.

It produces around 300 lumens of light, which is enough to light up 600 feet of terrain. Lanterns are a much better option for lighting up a large area for a longer period of time. For example, you might use a lantern as a group or to light up a camp site.

The Etekcity portable lantern is a great option. It’s made from military grade ABS, and is simple to use. It collapses when not in use, and as you expand it, it gets brighter and brighter.

It lasts up to 12 hours with constant use. It has handles on the side that fold away for compact carrying. It can be stored easily in any backpack. Finally, it’s worth looking into headlamps over flashlights and lanterns.

The advantage of headlamps is that it leaves both hands free for whatever task you’re carrying out. The GRDE LED headlamp it a durable headlamp that’s extremely bright. It produces light up to 1800 lumens, and the light beam can be zoomed and adjusted for close and long range use.

The main disadvantage of headlamps is that you have to look directly where you want to aim, but the GRDE headlamp allows you to adjust the light up and down, so you can walk down paths without staring at the floor the whole time.